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If you are a Leader who knows their workplace culture is negatively impacting their results, CBQC will help you make your culture your biggest asset.

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With as many as one in three employees being actively disengaged at work, businesses are seeing a negative impact on their bottom line. High turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism and a shrinking talent pool all continue to cost businesses money, that's a $33 Billon cost per year to Australian businesses alone.

There is a need to create a better return on human investment. Be ready for the future of work by investing in your internal capability.

ORGANISATIONS: Improve your employee engagement levels by training your leaders to facilitate change and coach their team to see returns on your bottom line. Define and leverage your organisational culture to creating a cohesive and consistent business narrative that will deliver your goals in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.  Use your organisational culture and increased employee engagement to drive successful initiatives in innovation, business transformation, mergers and acquisitions, branding, recruitment and retention and leadership development.

INDIVIDUALS: Individual Leaders can add significant value to their workplace by increasing their self-awareness and utilising their strengths. Through one-to-one sessions that give you the time and space to reflect and learn you can develop your self-management and find purpose and alignment in your work.

Why CultureTalk?

The first Accredited Partner of the CultureTalk™ Survey System in Australia, CBQC is supporting organisations to create a shared language and culture to inform their business strategy and create an engaging narrative for your internal and external stakeholders.

Why organisational culture?

Organisational culture is a key driver of competitive advantage and leaders who are able to understand, create and utilise culture are getting results.

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Culture exists – whether you plan for it or not. Leaders who understand the influence of culture on their reputation and ability to remain relevant are strategically designing cultures that will keep them competitive.



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