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Clare Babbage

Making Change About Growth

I work to bring tangible value to you and your organisation through radical change, rapid growth, an open receptive culture and the adoption of diverse thinking. I activate organisations to overcome stagnation, re-imagine outdated strategies and remove barriers to change through the creation of ethical and transformative cultures* and processes by creating purpose driven, collaborative and high performing teams.

Through the co-design of new ways of working at all levels of your organisation you can achieve improved business performance, decision making, candid communication, staff engagement and create aligned purpose and organisational narratives. I facilitate this transformation through a process of agile experimentation, creativity, innovation and transparent leadership.

Using my background in applied psychology, problem solving strategies and group interventions with some of the toughest criminals in NZ and the UK I have translated this experience into the work of leadership, organisational culture and change facilitation in Australian Government and Corporates. Ultimately organisational change is about behaviour change - that's my sweet spot.

I use CultureTalk™ to give organisations and individuals the tools to drive successful initiatives in innovation, culture, business transformation, mergers and acquisitions, branding, recruitment and retention, leadership development and employee engagement.I have worked in complex behaviour change for nearly two decades and been involved in projects across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. I apply an adaptive leadership approach to change management allowing me to work collaboratively across diverse systems. Creating space for people to explore the development opportunities in change while acknowledging the losses, I have led change in Justice, Health, Youth, Mental Health and Management, creating improved outcomes through individual development and growing the organisation's change capacity.

I’m here to have your back when you are going through change and to make that change something that grows you. Humans can sometimes be reluctant to change so my job is to make it fun, exciting, challenging and purposeful. Whatever the change is, whether it is individual or organisational, I can help you figure out how to navigate the change so that it benefits you.

By studying applied and social psychology for the theory and working with people experiencing change to hone my skills in real life I got the bug for providing support for personal and professional development and have brought this skill set to a wider market through consulting. 

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