Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried to answer the key questions you might have when contacting us. If we have missed something, reach out and ask.

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What is a CultureTalk™ Survey?

The CultureTalk Survey System provides a new framework that fuels personal growth and organisational fulfilment. Using the power inherent in archetypes, CultureTalk opens doors to a more conscious and positive way of interacting and communicating, helping people realise their greatest potential and organisation carry out their unique missions.

How will understanding my organisational culture help me lead?

  • Create a positive future vision for your organisation

  • Discover, define, and maintain a compelling brand or public identity

  • Attract and engage employees that are a fit for their culture

  • Build more effective communication strategies

  • Measure leadership styles and uncover necessary shifts

  • Identify and plan for generational differences in the workforce

  • Facilitate growth initiatives with greater ease

What makes CultureTalk™ different?

CultureTalk™ Surveys were designed for executives and their teams, marketers, human resource professionals, business owners, and individuals. These online assessments measure organizational culture and individual Archetypal patterns. As the individual and organisational results are measured against the same results framework you can use them together - we think this is unique.

What do you mean by neutral facilitation?

Neutral facilitation can only be done by someone who does not have "skin in the game". They can be trusted not to take sides or have bias as they are only there to ensure the process is followed and the goals are reached.  It is a way to create trust and improve communication, surface all the wisdom and hear all the views. 

what makes your change management consulting different?

CBQC provides consulting that uncovers and builds on existing capability, designs frameworks to fit your needs and will walk the journey with you. Think of us as a contract employee rather than a consultant. We leave you will have more than a report and no capability to implement it. We help you implement and deliver.

why should i care about employee engagement?

Because despite what people claim, employee engagement has gone down by 10% in the last 4 years in Australia and New Zealand. It is already costing you money and it will cost you talent if you don't care about it.

What is your leadership development work based on?

It is based on the work of the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership's research "Rewiring Leadership" published in 2018 to build the values, thinking and practice needed for today's leaders to succeed.

Why is creativity so important?

Because if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.  CBQC is about change and growth - we value creativity and help you grow it.

Are you really the girl who says "No" to CEO's?


As a Leader I found out how critical feedback is to my effectiveness and how difficult it was to get. So I decided to be part of the solution.

you say you are a revolutionary, what does that mean?

Revolutionary is my strongest archetype and describes how I will generally approach things. It means that I enjoy change and do things differently on purpose.  I can help you innovate, break with tradition and push things forward.

The great thing about having a Revolutionary consultant is that they can bring their energy in when you need a change and leave you to it when you need to consolidate.

what can i expect from cbqc?

You can expect an honest conversation that includes you and your opinion.  You will be fully involved in the process and feel empowered to do things differently. You will feel inspired to use your skills and experience to make a difference. You will have permission to change but also to object. All voices are welcome and all opinions are valued. 

coaches are everywhere, what makes you different?

Experience. I have been coaching people through change for over 20 years and have worked with some of the most challenging clients you can imagine. I bring the knowledge of what works and a level of intuition and honesty that will change the way you see yourself and increase what you can achieve.