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Consultancy and Coaching services starting at $150/hour.

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CultureTalk™ organisational Survey

Variable dependant on organisation size — Complete this powerful CultureTalk™ Survey to measure your corporate culture. Define your strengths and validate them with your people, then decide where to applying the learning.  Will it be culture and change, mergers and acquisitions, branding, recruitment and retention, leadership development or employee engagement?

CultureTalk™ individual Survey

$450  — Complete a premium CultureTalk™ Survey and receive a full report including your scores  for all 12 archetypes. Then receive a 1.5 hour coaching session to effectively apply the learning from the results. 

executive coaching

$350/hour —  CBQC provides a safe, supportive opportunity for management professionals to engage in critical reflection and enhance their personal and career development. Using highly effective techniques in behaviour change, positive psychology and leadership coaching Clare works with individuals to be more effective in the system they work in, create more productive work habits and prioritise their well-being to achieve more in an 8 hour day. (Reduced rates are gifted for NGO leaders)

employee engagement

$250/hour — CBQC will create training that will upskill your leaders to facilitate and engage their people in your change process. By designing interventions specifically for your workplace you will address the barriers to employee engagement that your organisation is experiencing.

strategic planning

$250/hour — Let CBQC facilitate your strategic planning day. Whether this is off site or in house a neutral facilitator will allow you to fully participate in the process. We will create a process to meet your needs and utilise the skills and wisdom already available in your organisation.

you tell me what you need...

Variable hourly rate —Don't see what you need here but need a Revolutionary/Magician to help you make a change? Lets design a bespoke approach to deliver to your specifications.